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HopeAlive268 is a not-for-profit Christian organization committed to improving the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the orphaned, vulnerable and abused children of Eswatini, Africa.  We are a US 501(c)3 charity and a registered NGO in Eswatini.  




The mission of HopeAlive268 is to provide humanitarian and spiritual care to the orphan, vulnerable and abused children in a way that compliments the government’s current programs. Our program focuses on the Lubombo Region of Eswatini.

Our vision is to see the orphaned, vulnerable and abused children of Eswatini thriving; partnering with the people of Eswatini for the betterment of this country’s next generation. We believe the children of Eswatini will lead this country forward as happy, safe, healthy and outstanding citizens of the world.

The population of Eswatini:  1.1 million people


  • 26% of the population is living with HIV, approximately 210,000 people. The highest rate in the world.

  • more than 50% of children under the age of 17 are orphaned

  • current life expectancy 59.4 years

  • poverty rate in rural areas 58.9% / extreme poverty 20.10%

  • 26% of children under 5 are affected by chronic malnutrition

*United Nations World Food Program



HopeAlive268 has had ties to Eswatini since 1945. These ties have led us to a deep love, respect, and appreciation for the country and its people. So much of who we are is based on relationships that go back almost 80 years. Though ravished by drought and death from HIV, it is the unwavering strength and gentleness of the Swazi people that shines through and deepens our respect and desire to see this nation thrive and become a beacon of light to all the world. Our strong passion for relationships has lead us to the understanding that collaboration is also essential. By collaborating with other organizations, we can be far more effective in reaching those in need.  We have come alongside the following organizations listed below to enhance community outreach programs further. We thank them for the outstanding work they do and their willingness to work together.

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