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We want children to thrive, not just survive. One area that is critical in ensuring that the next generation thrives is education. Lack of money for education keeps many out of school. Primary school is free, except that the children are required to wear uniforms and specific shoes, a cost of about $50 annually per child. For high school uniforms, particular shoes, books, and school fees are required, a cost of about $400 annually per child, although this number varies greatly among the 17 high schools across the Lubombo Region where our students currently attend. 


To meet this need, HopeAlive268 has established a Scholarship Fund to assist orphaned and vulnerable children who need funds for schooling. Community leaders notify HopeAlive268 of children requiring funds and advocate for these capable, motivated, but impoverished students. HopeAlive268 staff assists students with the purchase of school uniforms, shoes, books, and school supplies. School Fees for the approved scholarships are given directly to the school on behalf of the student. Not only are fees paid for, but the HA268 staff is engaged in the lives of the student by ensuring there is food in the home, a solar lamp for studying (98% of our students do not have electricity or running water), and grades are constantly monitored. 

In addition, HA268 provides tutors for the students. We believe in giving our students all the necessary tools to succeed, thriving not just surviving. 

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