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Old New Beginnings

So we have been around a while now but sometimes you need to start new things and this is one of them. It's always a thought of ours, "how do we possibly keep people up to date and how do you truly convey what goes on in our every day lives here in eSwatini"? Well, the answer, it's impossible and to be honest, we would do it injustice to ourselves and others if we tried. Our heartbeat is to also be fully engaged in the lives of those we work with, do life with, assist, encourage, bring hope to and with full integrity of heart. For us, we feel truly honored to do what we do. We are the ones changed every day, encouraged and challenged. So, if we lack at truly conveying the hope that is certainly alive here through so many, we apologize. So, here is to new old beginnings via this platform. Stay tuned for more updates.


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