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Well Sowubona January

Oh January 2021, you came and left but not without an impression. Our nation continues in covid lockdown, which includes border crossing, so eSwatini truly is a “landlocked” country. The second wave has hit hard, in fact, “eSwatini leads Africa in Covid-19 death rate”. That is certainly not what we were hoping for. But, emaSwati are resilient and we press on! Then here came Cyclone Eloise. She did not hit us directly but she wreaked havoc across this nation! Almost every corner of the country has been affected by flooding. Those most impacted are the homesteads built with mud and sticks, many have been destroyed. We were so happy to see the National Disaster Management Agency and Red Cross out and about. We were also elated by Mercy Air participating in “assessing the impact” from the air. Neighbors have come together to help each other, business and private individuals assisting where they can, it's refreshing to see.

January was also “Human Trafficking Awareness Month”. We can not and must not forget this horrific crime! Many think with the covid pandemic and border lockdowns that human trafficking has lessened. This is far from the truth, in fact, the current state of the world has caused a greater concern for human trafficking! If you have not done so already, you can scroll through our Human Trafficking Awareness Month information via Facebook or Instagram. Knowing the facts, the truth, the signs and who to contact, could save a life!

We will continue to pray for all those who have lost loved ones and for those who are currently battling covid. We pray for those who have been greatly impacted financially. We pray for first responders and those on the front lines. We pray for leadership and governments. We pray that every heart is filled with HOPE because hope is fierce and relentless.


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